Friday, August 7, 2009

Wheels of Fire

Yes, yes, yes. Real vert. I watched a bunch of the X Games over the last few days (shut up, I'm on holidays) and after watching great lip tricks, inverts and truly weird and wacky lines in the park contest get ignored in favor of Andy-bloody-Mac crap, this is a breath of fresh air.

Kevin Kowalski, Omar, Aaron Homoki and Rune were awesome in the janky half-wood, half-concrete set-up. Omar's slam was ugly, but he got back at 'er pretty hard. Rune is just head and shoulders above anyone else, though. Super fast, super smooth and above all gnarly. Trujillo will always be under-appreciated at this bogus ad-fest.

The vert was so lame I can barely write anything about it. When an overhead front stale or whatever is "a wasted set-up air" I want to puke. Spin to win ladies, spin to win. On a positive note; Bucky's boneless five and McEgg are great.

Maloof was better.

P.s. The song is by Claus Grabke's band Eight Dayz, "What's so strange about me?" Love it.

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